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  • I am Mistress Ella Kross, a sophisticated dominatrix and experienced humiliator of men. I love to control, discipline, and use men for my own pleasure. Domination is my passion, my lifestyle, and has been my profession for years. It's who I am, what I do best, and I'm proud to put my own unique spin on how I do it. In my presence you'll be absolutely overwhelmed by my beauty and my sheer elegance will leave you weak. Kneeling before me you will tremble, unable to control yourself. You will follow my orders and obey each and every command I give you. I will evoke your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. You will be defenseless against my feminine wiles.

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My style of domination is very sensual, intense, energized, and charged with eroticism. There is no doubt that I love what I do and my passion for it defines me. I have been actively exploring this fetish long before I had the vocabulary to describe what domineering and humiliating even entailed. For me, this is a very real and very kinky power exchange and not just mechanical theatrics. I would love to introduce you to this truly unique arena of passion. Imagine yourself at the feet of a truly dominant, truly sexually liberated woman (I am completely shameless) who will stimulate your fantasies in ways you never thought possible. I am one seriously deviant dominatrix with a well-lubricated imagination. Your pain is my pleasure.



Smothering My New Slave's Face with My Ass and Pussy! - After turning the pool boy into my new slave I punish him for doing such a bad job cleaning my pool. As he lays with his hands and feet bound I inform him that I'm going to smother him with my perfect ass and proceed to make good on my threat by sitting directly on his face. Completely defenseless he struggles to breathe as I bump and grind my ass and pussy into his nose and mouth, obstructing both his airways. He inhales the aroma of my pussy and ass as I bounce up and down on him and laugh in delight as he squirms beneath me. "I can't breathe!" he exclaims, yet I ignore his cries for mercy and continue smothering the poor loser. "Now you will please me," I say as I pull my panties aside and make him lick my asshole clean while sitting on his face. "Now lick my pussy," I instruct and he's so eager to please me that he obeys my every command.

Categories: Ass Smothering , Face Sitting , Female Domination , Oral Servitude , Pussy Eating

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Cum while I Squeeze Your Balls! - With my slave laying naked on the floor I greet him by mashing his balls with my high-top sneakers before taking a seat on his face to smother him with my crotch. Unable to breathe I twist, squeeze, and slap his balls while muffled groans escape him. He writhes in pain beneath me as I torment his genitals in between stroking his dick. He inhales the sweet aroma of my ass and pussy as I bounce up and down on his face while alternating between hurting his balls and pleasuring his cock. He doesn't know whether to moan in satisfaction or scream in pain as I confuse his poor senses while I cackle in delight at his discomfort. After torturing him for what seems like an eternity I decide to let him cum but only when I give him permission. I finally allow him to blow his load add one final bit of torment by making him lick his own cum off of my hand. I'm grinning ear to ear as I make him thank me and send him on his way!

TAGS: handjob , balls squzing , tease and denai , female domination , face sitting

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Tease & Denial

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Pool Boy Gets His Orgasm Ruined! - With Mistress Anna by my side we enjoy a fun time outside torturing the pool boy we caught checking us out earlier in the day. If he doesn't do everything we say we'll report him for being a pervert and have him fired so he has no choice but to obey our every command. After making him strip naked we have him lay down on his back and kneel over him. Mistress Anna repeatedly slaps him in the face as I jerk him off in between smacking his balls. "He's turned on by laying on his back and getting slapped, this little bastard," Anna muses. "He's a real slave," she continues as I confuse his poor cock and balls by caressing them one minute and beating them the next. Making him stand up I stroke his dick as Mistress Anna slaps his face and we inform him that he's only allowed to cum when we give him permission. After bringing him to climax, I take my hand off his hard cock and he keeps cuming with no help from me. "Now lick my hand with your cum on it," I say as I feed him his own sticky mess.

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 14-09-2014 Length:5 min:19 sec
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Showing off How Much I Can Squirt! - Naked from the waist down I kneel on my glass patio table and pleasure myself with a vibrator. It's a gorgeous summer evening, the birds are chirping, and if you listen closely you can hear the sound of the vibrator sliding in and out of my wet pussy. As I fuck myself hard and fast I squirt my wet juices all over the table and smile in delight as it sprays everywhere. Moving to the side of my house I stand against the wall and continue fucking myself while squirting all over the place. The vibrator feels so good inside of me that I can't help but make a hot, wet mess all over the ground! My pussy's like a waterfall as warm cum spills out of me over and over again. I bet you'd like me to squirt all over your face and in your mouth, wouldn't you? Jerk your cock as you watch me squirting like you've never seen me squirt before!

TAGS: masturbation , squirting

Categories: Milf

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Making My Slave Suck and Fuck My Strap-On! - "Do you know what you're going to do?" I ask my slave as he kneels naked before me. "You're going to suck this black cock," I inform him as I stand in front of him wearing my big, strap-on dildo. "I'm going to teach you how to suck," I tell him. It's his first time sucking cock and I'm going to make sure he does it right! I make him take it so deep in his throat that he gags on it and occasionally give him breaks long enough to slap his face and spit in his mouth. Once I'm done raping his face I break the news to him that he'll be taking the strap-on in his tight, virginal asshole. I bend him over a table to begin the molestation, make him loosen up his asshole using his finger, and then have him suck it clean while I lube up my dildo. He groans in discomfort as I slide it inside of his tight bottom and cries out in pain as I fuck his ass hard and fast. When I've decided he's had enough I make him thank me and then drop to his knees to worship my boots.

TAGS: gagging , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 12-09-2014 Length:11 min
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Rewarding My Slave with a Handjob! - Since my slave did a decent job taking my abuse today I decide to reward him by touching his cock. As he stands naked before me I begin stroking his cock and it's not long before he's nice and hard. "I want to see you cum for me today, slave," I say as I jerk him off in the old, abandoned building I've led him to. I make him lay down and I sit on his face, smothering him while making him sniff my ass as I give him an amazing handjob. "Here we go!" I say in delight as I watch cum drip from his satisfied cock. He thanks me as I gently rub his shaft and balls, my hand covered in his warm, sticky goo. Good slaves occasionally get rewarded with my skilled touch. Are you a good slave?

Categories: Ass Smothering , Face Sitting , Female Domination , Handjobs

Added: 11-09-2014 Length:4 min:30 sec
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Punishing a Cheating Slave in Devious Ways! - With a pair of scissors in hand I venture into my bathroom and cut loose a slave I'd hogtied with duct tape and thrown in there earlier in the day. Like a dog I grab him by his collar and drag him into the back yard on his hands and knees. "You dirty piece of shit, you listen to me," I say as I take a seat with him kneeling before me. I scold him for cheating on me by checking out another mistress and, even though he apologizes profusely, I refuse to show him mercy. I make him worship my feet in between slapping his face and twisting his nipples hard. I laugh in delight while berating him as I relax and watch him hungrily mouth my feet clean. I have him lay on his back, shove my foot so far down his throat that he gags, and then sit on his face while tormenting his cock with my feet and twisting his nipples even more. That will teach this worthless loser to look at another mistress!

Categories: Face Slapping , Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 09-09-2014 Length:17 min:28 sec
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Torturing and Confusing My Slave's Cock and Balls! - "Get up!" I order my slave as I eagerly gear up to punish him for masturbating without my permission. I go on to announce that I've brought a few toys for him and, as he stands before me, I fasten a choker around his neck, straps to his wrist, and use a bar to secure his hands behind his neck. I make him follow me deep into an old, abandoned building to teach him a painful lesson that hopefully serves as a reminder to never touch his dick without my consent ever again. I pull down his shorts to expose his cock and balls and when I begin tugging on them he flinches in agony. "Don't move, I said!" I scold as I slap him across the face so hard the sound echos throughout the room. To stifle his groans I gag his mouth and proceed to bind his genitals tightly with black string. For minutes on end I torture his tender cock and balls by hitting them repeatedly in between confusing him by gently stroking his dick. The poor asshole doesn't know whether to bleed or cum and I love every second of it!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Cock Tease , Female Domination

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Squirt all over is face and in his mouth. - Sitting on the steps of my outdoor pool I inform the slave at my feet that he's a dirty piece of shit and that I have a little toy for him. The toy will come later, though, because for now I'm going to torture him by showing him my ass but not letting him lick it. He begs to taste me but I refuse to let him as I tease him by pulling my panties down and flaunting my perfect butt in his face. The dirty pervert is all worked up and dying to stick his tongue in my asshole but since he's been a bad slave lately I inform him that he'll won't be touching me again. After he apologizes repeatedly I finally cave and let him mouth my ass and then turn around to let him please my pussy as well. I hold his head and watch him lick me and can't help but squirt all over is face and in his mouth. At long last it's time for me to break out his toy and after strapping the dildo to his chin I turn around to let him fuck me with it. Thrusting his head back and forth the big, fake dick slides in and out of my wet pussy and I moan in delight while he goes to work. I remove the strap-on from his chin and let him use his mouth on my pussy again before having him eat candy out of my asshole. This slave's so eager to get back in my good graces that he doesn't dare disobey me!

TAGS: squirting , asshole fetish , ass licking

Categories: Ass Worship , Oral Servitude , Pussy Eating

Added: 06-09-2014 Length:16 min:33 sec
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Strap-On Makes My Pussy Squirt Everywhere! - With my slave kneeling before me I attach a strap-on cock over his mouth and inform him that he's now going to serve as my personal sex slave. Standing in front of him with no panties on, I make him fuck my pussy using the fake dick that's strapped to his mouth and moan in pleasure while I look down and watch him work. The dildo feels so good rubbing against my clit that I can't contain myself and squirt all over my slave's masked face. I turn around to continue getting fucked and spray my hot juices all over the floor as the plastic cock slides in and out of my throbbing pussy. I make my slave lay down, position myself over his face, and fuck the strap-on even more while wet cum drips everywhere.

TAGS: squirting , dildo fucking , orgasm

Categories: Female Domination , Outdoor

Added: 05-09-2014 Length:5 min:54 sec
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Jerking My Slave while He Cleans My Shoes! - Being both a woman and a dominatrix, it's no surprise that I own a ton of shoes. In this video I make my slave carry a few pairs over to my sofa and begin licking them clean while I watch. Laying in a pile of my high-heels he grabs them one by one and polishes them with his mouth while I sit next to him and stroke his hard cock. For being such a good shine boy I reward him by jerking his dick while he moans in pleasure and thrusts his hips up and down. "Cum for me," I instruct as I work his shaft up and down until he shoots a huge, warm load all over himself. It's rare for me to please a slave like this but since he's been good lately and did a decent job with my shoes I figured I'd give him a reminder of how amazing I am.

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Shoe Fetish

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Butt-Fucking My Slave while Jacking His Cock! - With my slave naked on my sofa I approach him with my strap-on and ask him if he likes my cock. His legs raised, I lube up my gloved hand and loosen his tight, virginal asshole using my fingers before gently sliding my fake dick inside of him. Things may start off nice and gentle but they get rough fast as I pound his tight asshole harder and harder while he winces in agony. I butt-fuck him while jerking his dick and then finger his asshole while stroking his hard shaft until he cums all over his hairy stomach! I leave him messy and violated like the little bitch that he is. If you ever want to be my slave you'll be taking my strap-on, too!

TAGS: pegging , prostate massage

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Strap-on

Added: 02-09-2014 Length:4 min:31 sec
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Smothered Slave Obediently Worships My Nylons! - "Do you like my nylons?" I ask my slave as I show off my black pantyhose. He wastes little time dropping to his knees and kissing them all over like a good slave. Taking a seat, I continue letting him worship my nylons while I sit back and watch. I spread my legs and make him sniff my pussy before making him lay down on his back so I can sit directly on his face. "Worship my ass," I demand as I smother the poor bastard. He struggles to breathe as I sit on him and make him smell my ass and pussy. He fights for oxygen as I ride his face, smiling the entire time as I take sick amusement in his humiliation. I finally show mercy on him and let him catch his breath as I stand up and make him kiss my ass and legs again before abruptly waking off with a quick "bye."

TAGS: pantihose domination

Categories: Ass Smothering , Ass Worship , Face Sitting , Female Domination , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 31-08-2014 Length:8 min:04 sec
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Punishing Our Bad Human Pony Slave! - Outside with my partner in crime we continue training a new slave by making him our human pony! Sitting on his back, my friend has him crawl on all fours while guiding him with a leash and laughing in delight the entire time. "Now let Mistress Ella get on you," she says as she hands the reigns over to me for my human pony ride. We cackle in delight as he crawls on his hands and knees with me on his back. After concluding that he hasn't made a very good pony we decide we must punish him and pull his shorts down to repeatedly slap and whip his bare ass until it's beat red. When we have him get up on his knees and open his mouth we take turns spitting directly down his throat and make him swallow every drop. "Say thank you," I demand as he gulps down our sweet saliva. The abuse doesn't end there as we slap him across the face over and over again in between continuing to spit in his mouth. We'll break this new slave yet, just you wait and see!

TAGS: ponyplay

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Spanking , Spitting

Added: 30-08-2014 Length:7 min:53 sec
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Training a New Slave to Worship our feet - "So, tell me about this new guy," I say to my good friend as we sit together outside. "He's a new slave and doesn't have any experience yet," she tells me. We decide we'll work on training him and promptly summon him before us to begin his education. As he kneels in front of us with a collar on I hold his leash like he's a pet and command him to clean my shoes with his mouth. As he licks my heels my friend uses his back as a foot stool, props her feet up, and relaxes while she watches the new slave hungrily mouth my shoes. Once he's done cleaning my heels he gets to work on her feet like a good slave and we praise him for the decent job he's doing so far. We're not letting this new slave off easily! I kick my heels off and make him lick my dirty feet clean.

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Foot Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Toe Sucking

Added: 29-08-2014 Length:11 min:31 sec
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Cock and Ball Torture Drives My Slave Crazy! - One of my favorite methods of torture is confusing a slave's senses by stroking is cock one second and hitting his balls the next. In this video a slave stands naked before me and I jack him off in between kneeing him in the balls. Back and forth I alternate between caressing his cock and smashing his delicate testicles. One moment he's moaning and the next minute he's groaning as I play with his dick only to bash his balls in. Finally, I decide to let the poor bastard cum but only when I say he can. Lubing his cock with my spit I jerk him hard and fast and generously allow him to blow his huge load. When his balls are fully drained I make him lick his mess off of my hand and then kiss my feet. With my slaves, every one of their orgasms comes with a hefty price!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 28-08-2014 Length:8 min:33 sec
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Brutally Whipping My Slave's Bare Skin! - As my slave lays practically naked on my coffee table with hot wax drying on his bare back, I continue his punishment by whipping him repeatedly while he groans in discomfort. I smile and laugh as I strike him harder and harder until he cries out loudly in agony. "Thank you, Mistress!" he repeats as I deliver lash after brutal lash. "Shut up!" I bark at him as I continue torturing him with painful blows. Dried wax flies everywhere as I strike him over and over again and it's not long before his flesh is red and inflamed. I make him count the lashes as I hit him until he begs for me to stop!

Categories: Caning , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 26-08-2014 Length:9 min:03 sec
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Hot Wax on My Slave's Bare Flesh! - In this video my slave lays on his back and I surprise him by dripping hot candle wax all over his bare skin. "Thank you, Mistress," my slave says as the wax scorches his naked flesh. Looking stunning in my tight new leather outfit I stand over him and pour wax from not one but two candles all over him. He groans in pain in between thanking me like the good little bitch boy that he is. I remind him once again that his pain is my pleasure as I coat his back with scalding hot wax.

Categories: Cfnm , Female Domination , Humiliation , Wax Play

Added: 24-08-2014 Length:8 min:47 sec
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Kicking and Kneeing My Slave's Balls In! - With my white high-heels on I step into the back yard to take my pent-up aggression out on my poor slave's delicate balls. As he kneels on his hands and knees I stand behind him and begin kicking him directly in the nuts as groans of agony escape him. Pausing, I have him kiss my shoes before making him rise to his feet so I can continue kicking him in the crotch. I knee him in the balls repeatedly and he buckles every time while groaning in misery. I slap him in the face over and over again, kick his nuts even more, and then make him kiss my shoes which he does without hesitation because he fears me, as well he should. I'm a viscous girl and make no apologies for it!

TAGS: kicking

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Face Slapping , Female Domination

Added: 23-08-2014 Length:5 min:02 sec
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Ass Fucking My Slave After He Blows Me! - "I've got something for you, honey," I tell my kneeling slave as I approach him wearing a big, strap-on cock. I make him lick it all over while I watch before having him put it in his mouth. I make him suck it gently at first and then harder and deeper until be gags on it. "That's what I like!" I laugh as he chokes on my plastic cock. Satisfied with the blowjob he's given me, I bend him over the sofa, lube up my gloved hand, and loosen his tight asshole with my fingers before finally shoving my strap-on cock inside of him. I totally dominate this loser by butt-fucking him as he groans in discomfort and I love every second of it!

TAGS: slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Gag Reflex , Humiliation , Strap-on

Added: 22-08-2014 Length:8 min
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