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  • I am Mistress Ella Kross, a sophisticated dominatrix and experienced humiliator of men. I love to control, discipline, and use men for my own pleasure. Domination is my passion, my lifestyle, and has been my profession for years. It's who I am, what I do best, and I'm proud to put my own unique spin on how I do it. In my presence you'll be absolutely overwhelmed by my beauty and my sheer elegance will leave you weak. Kneeling before me you will tremble, unable to control yourself. You will follow my orders and obey each and every command I give you. I will evoke your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. You will be defenseless against my feminine wiles.
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My style of domination is very sensual, intense, energized, and charged with eroticism. There is no doubt that I love what I do and my passion for it defines me. I have been actively exploring this fetish long before I had the vocabulary to describe what domineering and humiliating even entailed. For me, this is a very real and very kinky power exchange and not just mechanical theatrics. I would love to introduce you to this truly unique arena of passion. Imagine yourself at the feet of a truly dominant, truly sexually liberated woman (I am completely shameless) who will stimulate your fantasies in ways you never thought possible. I am one seriously deviant dominatrix with a well-lubricated imagination. Your pain is my pleasure.



Feeding A Slave My Chewed-Up Banana! - Sitting wearing my revealing latex outfit I slowly peel a banana and summon a slave to my side. "I have a nice dinner for you," I say as I take a bite, chew it up, and spit it on the floor. "Eat it!" I command. Completely naked and down on his hands and knees, he wastes no time obeying me and eagerly laps the mushy banana off of my dirty floor. There`s a lot more where that came from as I chew up even more of the banana just to spit it on the floor and laugh as I watch him eat it. With how gorgeous I look, my breasts practically bursting out of my tight latex top, is it any wonder he`s so willing to do my bidding? I have him lay on the floor beneath me and spit the banana directly in his mouth, feeding him as if he were a little baby bird. Over and over again I feed him my regurgitated banana and to add to his humiliation I have him bark like a dog while I cackle in delight. What a pathetic loser he is!

TAGS: chewing

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Spitting

Added: 28-08-2015 Length:8 min:37 sec
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Wrestling with the Gorgeous Anna! - It`s two on one as my friend Anna and I wrestle a slave, and despite beingstronger than us we make short work of the guy. We quickly get him onhis back and I use my powerful legs to put his neck in a scissorhold whileAnna sits on him and holds his arms down. We abuse him so badly heactually threatends to call the cops but we just laugh while continuing topummel him. My tits bounce up and down, almost popping out of my sexylittle outfit as we roll around on the floor. "I can`t breathe!" hesays as I sit on his face and smother him with my crotch. "Do yousurrender to us?" I ask as Anna steps on his chest. He admits defeat butmoments later it`s time for round two and he doesn`t fare any better thesecond time around. He cries out in pain and humilation as he gets beat bytwo beautiful women! Anna proves that her legs are tough as well bywrapping them around the jerk`s neck and choking him out. We leave himlaying on the mats a beaten, broken mess!

TAGS: mixed fighting , mixed wrestling , muscular women , scissorhold

Categories: Female Domination , Wrestling

Added: 27-08-2015 Length:7 min:43 sec
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His first Ruined Orgasm! - After a day of relentless abuse I decide my slave`s been punished enough and offer him a few moments of relief by dropping to my knees and gently caressing his cock and balls with my hand. As he stands naked before me with his hands behind his back I play with his dick and given how beautiful I look in my skimpy latex outfit it doesn`t take long for him to get rock hard. He wants to cum so badly but I`ll be the one deciding if he gets to and when. With my tits practically spilling out of my sexy latex top I continue stroking his big dick. His balls are aching to cum but he won`t be blowing his load unless I allow him to. "Cum!" I finally command as I stand by his side and jerk him off but the moment he begins to orgasm I ruin it by refusing to touch him and not allowing him to even touch himself. Instead he stands there like a loser with his hands behind his back dribbling cum all over the floor as I watch and remind him that this ruined orgasm was all his fault for having smoked in my house earlier without my consent!

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 24-08-2015 Length:7 min:04 sec
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Slave Can`t Handle His First Ball Busting! - Earlier I caught one of my slave`s lounging around and smoking a cigarette without my permission. I`m not done punishing this slacker yet, and I let him know that he`s in for a whole lot more pain as I attach clamps to his nipples and bind his cock and balls with string. "You will suffer for me," I delight in telling the loser as he stands naked before me. I make him place his hands behind his back and that`s when his torture really begins! I repeatedly kick him in the balls and with every blow he cries out in agony while buckling in pain. I laugh at his misery and make him thank me as I slap his nuts, tug his dick, twist his nipples, and then continue kicking his balls while wearing my high heels. It`s his first time having his balls busted and when he can`t handle the pain I turn him around to whip his bare ass while making him keep count of every lash!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 21-08-2015 Length:6 min:21 sec
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Worship Anna`s Fabulous Body! - My friend Anna is not only gorgeous, she`s also a professional fitnesstrainer and one look at her toned body will tell you that`s no lie. As Isit on my sofa I watch her while she lays on the floor below me anddemonstrates her athletisism. She`s strong, flexible, and beautiful soworship her body as she shows it off by practicing her bodybuilding poses.Just look at her tight tummy and firm ass as she flaunts her hard work inyour face, and drool over how remarkable she is while you worship herchiseled physique. Take that tiny cock out and stroke to her since a womanas beautiful and disciplined as her would never give you the time of dayin real life. She`d probably laugh at What a pathetic, fat loser you are!Jerk your small dick while she continues showing you what a real womanlooks like.

TAGS: abs , fitness , flexibility , muscular women

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 09-08-2015 Length:5 min:24 sec
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Jerk to Our Hot Asses Featuring Mistress Kate! - "You like our asses, huh?" I ask as the stunning Mistress Kate and Iflaunt our tight, round bottoms in my bed. Take that cock our and jerk toour perfect asses while we tease you with them and look amazing whiledoing it. We take turns rubbing each other`s butts as you stroke your rockhard cock up and down, faster and faster, getting closer to blowing yourload with every passing second. I`m going to count down from ten to oneand only then do you have permission to cum all over our fabulous asses.You really want to shoot that warm jizz everywhere, don`t you? Then jackyour cock as fast as you can because the countdown is about to begin! Ten,nine, eight...

Categories: Ass Fetish , Ass Worship , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 08-08-2015 Length:4 min:13 sec
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Kate and I Have Too Much Fun with Foot Worship! - Even the camera woman can`t stop laughing when I summon a slave and hearrives wearing tight green underwear. With the stunning Mistress Kate bymy side, we cackle hysterically at how ridiculous he looks, then have himdrop to his knees to worship our cute feet. He kisses our high heels allover as we tug on his bright green underwear and slap his ass whilegiggling in delight. "I like feet, I hate shoes," he says as he removesour heels to worship our sexy bare feet. We make him lay on his back andmash our feet into his face and body, demanding he stick his tongue outwhile we do it, and then cram our feet into his open mouth. As Kate fuckshis throat with her toes I stand atop of him and trample the loser withall of my body weight. It`s a good thing this slave likes feet because wecontinually feed him ours until he gags! "Do you like it?" I ask as hechokes on my toes while Kate sits on his back and rides him like a pony.Too funny!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Foot Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Humiliation , Foot Worship

Added: 07-08-2015 Length:10 min:27 sec
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Letting My New Boss Eat My Pussy! - My boss is just trying to enjoy his break when I barge in and take it uponmyself to give him a little show. Lifting my short, black skirt I revealI`m wearing crotchless panties that give him a clear view of my tight,shaved pussy. Grabbing him by the back of the head, I shove his face intomy crotch and have him smell my delicious little cunt. The aroma driveshim wild, rendering him unable to resist, and he immediately buries histongue inside of me to taste my wet pussy. As he hungrily mouths me, Istand moaning in pleasure and pull my top down to expose my bare breasts.I have him lay down and position myself over him, allowing him to suck onmy hard nipples while he tugs his pants down. "Such a beautiful cock," Icomment as I kneel over his face so he can continue eating me out. I repayhim by spitting on his cock and using my saliva as lube while I stroke hisbig dick. I cum all over this idiot`s face but I refuse to return thefavor and leave him with aching balls!

TAGS: oral sex

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Oral Servitude , Pussy Eating

Added: 06-08-2015 Length:8 min:53 sec
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Using a Slave`s Mouth as Toilet Paper! - While a slave kneels naked before me and waits patiently, I sit on mytoilet and finish relieving myself while he watches. "Now I need toiletpaper and I`m going to use your tongue," I say as I stand up and use hisleash to guide him to the other room. I spread my cheeks wide and have himlick my dirty, smelly asshole while demanding that he try harder. I wantmy bottom as clean as possible so he better do a good job if he wants tocontinue being my slave! He thrusts his tongue nice and deep in and out ofmy asshole, his head bobbing back and forth as he works to clean everylast bit of shit out of me. What do you think, did he do a good job?Stretching my cheeks wide I show you my tight, freshly cleaned hole.

TAGS: ass eating , ass licking , ass smothering , asshole fetish

Categories: Ass Fetish , Ass Smothering , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 04-08-2015 Length:3 min:17 sec
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Ball Kicking Game with the Gorgeous Mistress Kate! - Today Mistress Kate and I are going to play a game with the disgustingslave who stands naked before us. We`re going to take turns kicking him inthe nuts, and if he can take the pain without falling over we`ll rewardhim by taking our clothes off. However, if at any point he falls downwe`ll be keeping our clothes on! How well will this loser do? It`s time tofind out as I start off the game by delivering three swift kicks to hisdelicate nuts with my red heels. He`s still standing, so I make good on myword and remove my shirt. Kate follows me by also kicking him three timesdirectly in the sack but the dirty jerk still doesn`t fold and she removesher shirt as well. After a series of more brutal kicks the loser finallycaves and falls to his knees but there are plenty of more kicks in storefor him. Will he be able to rise to his feet and finally get both Kate andI naked? Find out in this brutal video!

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 02-08-2015 Length:7 min:57 sec
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Footjob for My Boss but No Cumming! - It`s only my first week at my new job and already I`m misbehaving. I justcan`t help myself! As my boss sits in the break room I strut by himwearing my short skirt that accentuates my nice, toned legs and tightbutt. I "accidentally" drop some papers and give him an amazing view of myass when I bend over to pick them up. He clearly finds me quiteattractive, and taking a seat next to him on the sofa I have him show mehis cock and it`s every bit as big, thick, hard, and impressive as I hopedit would be. Kicking off my heels I ask if he`s ever had a footjob before.When he tells me he hasn`t, I don`t waste time getting to work massaginghis hard shaft with my cute bare feet. Sitting with my big tits exposed Irub my nipples while my toes caress his erect dick. I use spit as lube andhave him fuck my well-pedicured feet while he stares at my ass but I won`tbe letting this loser cum today! Like the bitch I am, I leave him with aconfused cock and aching balls.

Categories: Barefoot , Cock Tease , Foot Job , Tease & Denial

Added: 01-08-2015 Length:8 min:49 sec
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Filling Your Mouth up with My S-h-i-t, Toilet Slave! - "I`m going to shit now," I announce as I stand in my bathroom. You, mylittle toilet slave, are going to eat all of my shit so come over here andget down on all fours. Open wide because you`re going to be swallowingevery bit as I spread my ass cheeks and shit directly in your mouth. Areyou ready? Here it comes! I have a lot to get out and you better eat itall, you understand me? Chew up piece after piece and swallow it downbecause I will be checking to make sure you ate every last bit. With allmy shit now resting in your stomach I want you to stick out your tongueand use it to clean me asshole. You were my human toilet and now you`re myhuman toilet paper as I have you shove that tongue deep in my asshole toget me as clean as possible. You love being my little toilet slave, don`tyou?

TAGS: asshole fetish

Categories: Ass Smothering , Ass Worship , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 31-07-2015 Length:3 min:30 sec
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Anna Teaches Me New Ways to Stretch! - Not only is my friend Anna gorgeous, she`s a personal trainer who`s everybit as athletic as me, if not more so. In this video we do our stretchestogether and I do my best to mirror her as she shows me some new moves.It`s important to keep our bodies limber so stretching`s become a part ofour daily routine. As I do my best to keep up with Anna I give you anamazing view of my ample cleavage and also show off my firm, round ass.Her ass is just as nice and there`s no denying how beautiful she looks asshe instructs me. Keeping up with her is no easy task but it`s worth it tokeep my body flexible!

TAGS: fitness , abs , flexibility

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 30-07-2015 Length:4 min:22 sec
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Poor Foot Worship Punished by Ball Kicking! - "Kiss my shoes, come on!" I order and the naked slave kneeling before medoesn`t hesitate to obey my command. Taking a seat on my sofa, I have himkiss my sexy black nylons as well before having him take my heels off andsniffing my beautiful feet. My nylons may be sexy, but this slave wants tokiss my bare feet so I strip them off to let him do just that. I`ve beenwalking around all day and my feet are dirty and stink, but this loserdoesn`t seem to mind in the least as I rub them all over his face and makehim suck my toes. "Clean my feet with your fucking tongue!" I demand as Ishove one foot in his mouth while rubbing his cock with my other. When Inotice what a lousy job he`s doing cleaning my feet with his tongue Ideliver a series of painful kicks to his delicate nuts to rectify his poorperformance. Will this fix his behavior or will I have to kick him in thenuts even more? I guess we`ll find out!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 28-07-2015 Length:11 min:12 sec
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Spitting In My Slave`s Mouth with Mistress Kate! - Laying with his back on my bed, the gorgeous Mistress Kate and I lean overmy slave and take turns spitting directly into his open mouth. "That`s alot of spit in his fucking mouth," I comment as we feed this loser ourjuicy saliva. The camera woman can`t help but laugh along with us as Kateshows how maniacally funny she can be by taunting the dirty jerk inbetween spitting down his throat. In what could be my funniest video yet,Kate continually makes me and my camera-wielding friend bust out laughingwith her hilarious noises and mockery. I can`t contain my giggles as Ikneel over this slave, big breasts exposed, and repeatedly fill his mouthwith my spit. Back and forth Kate and I shoot our spit down his throat,occasionally slapping his stupid face when his mouth starts to close. Fromstart to finish we laugh as we pump this slave full of saliva!

TAGS: spit fetish , double dominaion

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Spitting

Added: 26-07-2015 Length:7 min:02 sec
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Strap-On in My Slave`s Mouth and Asshole! - "So, you want to ask me for something, slave?" I ask as he kneels nakedbefore me. I bellow in laughter when he points at one of my strap-on cocksand sheepishly asks me to use it on him. If I`m going to pound thisloser`s ass, you can bet it`s going to be with something he`ll actuallyfeel and the strap-on he`s chosen is just too small to do any real damage.I`ll use the smaller one to start, I inform the loser, but then I`ll beswitching to the much bigger one and tearing him up. Wearing the strap-onhe`s chosen, I make him suck my cock as I grab the back of his head andguide the action. I make him take it hard and deep in his mouth, evenslapping it all over his face before taking my place behind him andsliding it in his tight little asshole. I make no attempt to be gentle asI ram him from behind and make him thank me while doing it. With hisasshole nice and loose, I think it just may be time to switch to mygigantic strap-on!

TAGS: male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 25-07-2015 Length:6 min:45 sec
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Ruining His Orgasm... Twice! - It didn`t take long for me to turn my new boss into yet another one of myslaves, and when I arrive at work and tell him I`ve brought him a fewsurprises he replies with gratitude. However, I`m betting he won`t be sohappy when he finds out what they are! Making him strip naked, I revealthe first surprise by attaching a muzzle to his face and reveal anothersurprise when I bind him to the room`s support column. With my bare titshanging out of my top, I get on my knees and begin stroking his hard cockbut there won`t be any cumming yet for this idiot. I tease him only todeny his orgasm, getting him close to explosion but refusing to let himclimax. This poor loser is rock hard, super horny, and just aching to blowhis big load but when he finally does I wreck the orgasm by taking my handoff his cock and refusing to help him cum. Things go from bad to worse forthis idiot when I immediately latch onto his cock and milk him by makinghim cum yet again. I drain this nobody until his cock and balls arescreaming in agony!

TAGS: post cum torture

Categories: Handjobs , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 24-07-2015 Length:10 min:55 sec
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Rewarding a Good Slave with a Handjob! - With a naked slave tied to my billiard table, I drop to my knees and beginjerking his big, hard cock. This sight of his goddess wearing a sheerdress and sexy high heels gets him nice and erect, and he`s aching to cumas I stroke him. "You can`t cum without my permission," I remind him as Itug his shaft while teasing him by holding my mouth close to his cockhead. Up and down I jack his huge, hard dick as he begs me to let him cum.He`s been a good boy lately, so I decide to reward him by finally allowinghim to get off. "Good boy," I praise as I jerk him off, watching as heblows his big load all over the floor.

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 23-07-2015 Length:4 min:01 sec
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Cuckolding You and Cum Countdown with Humiliation! - Taking a seat on the bed I confess that I haven`t been impressed with our sex life. When we first married a few years back you promised me it would be great, but it`s been quite far from that. Hell, it hasn`t even been good. I tried finding a solution that could fix our love life and salvage our marriage but with a cock as small as yours the only thing I could come up with was to just start fucking somebody else. Yes, I`m been screwing somebody else on the side and to add insult to injury, that person happens to be your boss! We met when I stopped by your office a few months ago and we immediately hit it off. He`s quite attractive and to top it all off, he has a huge dick and really knows how to please me. Honestly, he`s helped me see what a giant loser you are. We just fucked and my panties are currently stained with his cum that`s been dripping out of my hot pussy. Don`t believe me? Here, let me take my panties off and show you how another man`s cum is oozing out of your wife`s twat. Why don`t you get down there and suck it out like the little pathetic loser you are? From now on I think I`ll clean your boss` cum out of my pussy using your stupid mouth. You`re a nobody with a small dick but I`m going to keep you around just to humiliate you and make you my little cuckold bitch!

Categories: Bi-sexual , Cuckolding , Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 21-07-2015 Length:9 min:39 sec
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Slave Becomes Human Toilet Paper after I S..t! - >Finishing up my business on the toilet, I summon a slave with the clap ofmy hands and the naked loser comes crawling to me on all fours, dragginghis leash by his side. "I need to use your tongue now to clean my dirty,smelly asshole," I say sternly as I grab him by the face and look himdirectly in the eyes. He knows I mean it, and I waste no time undoing themuzzle I keep secured over his mouth for the majority of each and everyday. With his tongue now freed, I bend over and have him begin licking mybottom clean after having him bury his nose in my asshole and take a bigwhiff. "Work with your tongue, lick my asshole, come on!" I bark as hetries his hardest to please me by getting my hole squeaky clean. His bestisn`t good enough and I demand he try even harder as he frantically licksaway at my stinky asshole. "Try harder!" I shout as I continue using himas my human toilet paper until I finally feel fresh enough to dismiss theloser!

TAGS: toilet humiliation , toilet slavery , toilet training

Categories: Ass Worship , Female Domination , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 19-07-2015 Length:4 min:59 sec
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