my review of ella's work

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Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:10 pm

    ok. ella you are obviously extremely hot! there's no question about that. i love everything about you!

    BUT... this whole being dominatrix thing is about charisma and sustaining the feeling, how you are superior, how you are a goddess, how i can not make demands and just be your puppet.... BUT... when you speak broken english, it just makes you silly! dumb even! charisma destroyed! i am disillusioned! cringing even! i'm like.... whaaaat? LOL!

    so i just have to watch your porn muted! that way i can focus on what i see and what i hear doesn't distract me and make laugh!

    don't speak english! SERIOUSLY! just stop that and make vids in your native language!

    try it! i guarantee you that will be better!

    instead of torturing yourself speaking english, torture yourself adding subtitles! or not... just don't, don't speak english you are killing your own goddessness!

    sorry for harsh criticism but that's what i think.

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