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Punishing a Lazy Slave by Whipping His Bare Ass! - "Come on slave," I say as I use his leash to guide him into the back yard. As he crawls on all fours by my side, I inform him that I'm going to be punishing him since he did such a lousy job cleaning my house earlier. "No safe word today, no nothing," I tell him as I tie his arms to the fence. I begin angrily striking his bare ass with my leather whip until his bottom is bright red and swollen. "You were so lazy today," I comment as I continue whipping his ass. He somehow manages to keep quiet, refusing to cry out in pain as I whip him, and that only makes me more upset. "You're lazy and disgusting!" I scream, taking my anger out on his bare skin by whipping him even harder until he finally can't take the pain anymore. I leave him tied out in my back yard all night so he can think about what he's done!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Spanking , Whipping

Added: 20-10-2016 Length:6 min:46 sec
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Helping My Little Step Sister Cum! - I've found my little step-sister's diary, and she doesn't seem to mind when she finds me in bed reading it. According to her journal, she's been having a hard time climaxing when she's with a man, but I assure her that I can help. I have her take her panties off, and I slide mine down as well. Laying side by side, we masturbate together and I instruct her how to properly touch her pussy. "Fuck your pussy with your finger," I tell her, and she does everything I command like a good girl. Soon she's completely naked, and thanks to my coaching she's able to have a powerful orgasm while I watch! "Your sexual life will be much better now!" I tell my adorable younger step-sister. Now she has something else to write about in her diary!

Categories: Masturbation Instruction , Taboo

Added: 18-10-2016 Length:8 min:43 sec
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Kissing My Friend Anne! - My adorable friend Anne's young mouth is perfect for kissing, and after feeding her watermelon on my sofa we begin to make out. She confesses that she's never kissed a girl before, but she seems to enjoy it just as much as me when we lock lips and begin to sensually tongue each other. She's such a sexy little thing, and love exploring her mouth with mine. In our short denim skirts we sit on my sofa and continue to kiss, and when I'm done with her I'm gracious enough to re-apply her lipstick!

TAGS: kissing , lipstick fetish , mouth fetish , tongue fetish

Categories: Female Domination , Femdom Pov

Added: 16-10-2016 Length:5 min:58 sec
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Jerk-Off To Anne's Tight Ass While I Instruct You! - Today you're going to jerk-off to my friend Anne's perfect ass and tight little asshole. I have her turn around and bend over, then spread her cheeks wide to give you an amazing view of her young bottom. You're going to stroke your dick to her, so get it out and start tugging away! Her ass is truly amazing, and I lightly spank it while you watch and masturbate as instructed. You'd love to shove your cock deep inside her tiny asshole, wouldn't you? Just imagine how good it would feel as you jerk your dick. You know you want to pump her full of your hot cum, so go ahead and do it! I'm going to count down from ten, and then I want you to blow a giant load inside of her asshole. Are you ready? Ten... nine... eight...

TAGS: asshole fetish , ass spreading

Categories: Ass Fetish , Ass Worship , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 14-10-2016 Length:4 min:55 sec
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Teaching a Sissy Slut How to Suck and Fuck Big Dicks! (home made) - "Hello, sweetie, how are you?" I ask my little sissy girl as I take a seat on my leather sofa. "How was school today?" I ask as I sit next a table loaded with dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons, condoms, and lube. The sissy slut confesses that she's been fantasizing about fucking the football team, so I have her choose a strap-on from the table and slip it on to show her what it would be like to suck one of the jock's big dicks. If she wants to fuck a football player, she needs to learn how to suck cock first and I'm more than willing to teach this whore as I shove my strap-on deep down her throat. I have her imagine that I'm one of the athletic football players she's been dreaming about as I shove my big dick in her mouth so deep she gags on it. "You want more, honey?" I ask as I continue making her suck my cock until she chokes. She needs to learn how to take dicks of all shapes, sizes, and colors so I reach for my big, black dildo and feed it to her and she sucks it like a good sissy bitch. Back and forth I alternate between having her mouth my white strap-on cock and this huge, black dildo while she fights to breathe. Now that this loser's learned how to suck a cock, it's time for her to learn how to take one in her ass! I bend her over and go to town on her tight hole, showing no restraint as I pound away and smile in delight at her obvious discomfort.

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 12-10-2016 Length:13 min:47 sec
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Whipping a female slave after Burning Her Asshole with Hot Wax! (home made) - "Now, bitch, I want to see your ass," I command as this dumb whore kneels naked before me. She's cheated on her husband, has come to me for punishment, and I show no mercy as I drizzle her with hot wax from two burning candles. Her bare back is completely covered in it, but I'm still not satisfied and drip more of the scalding wax all over her nude bottom. She squirms in pain, unable to stay still as I torture her with the lit candles. With her hands secured behind her back, she's unable to defend herself as I maniacally pour even more wax directly onto her asshole. "Down!" I yell when she dare attempt to rise to her knees. I laugh at her misery while I repeatedly burn her, loving every second of her agony. With the wax now dry, I take out one of my many whips and begin lashing her back. Pieces of dried wax fly across the room as I relentlessly strike her while making her thank me. "Ass up!" I scream when she hunkers down in pain. Out of fear, she does as told and presents her bottom to me so I can lash it over and over again without holding back. I teach this dirty whore a lesson she won't soon forget!

TAGS: lesbian domination

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Wax Play , Whipping

Added: 10-10-2016 Length:9 min:49 sec
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Stroke Your Cock to Mistress Anna's Belly! - Just look at Mistress Anna's beautiful, toned belly. She's a fitness trainer, and you can definitely tell by her ripped physique! I want you to stare at her midsection and jack-off as she grinds it in your face. Watch her stomach muscles working as she moves seductively, and continue stroking your cock as she twists and turns. I instruct you how to jack your dick as she shows off her midriff, but your only allowed to cum after I slowly count down from ten. Blow your warm load all over her cute belly button as she lays in bed and thrusts her hips up and down!

TAGS: abs , belly fetish

Categories: Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 08-10-2016 Length:5 min:23 sec
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Teasing and Denying Slave's Orgasm with Mistress Anna! - In punishment I've kept this naked slave tied to the bed for two days, completely unable to touch his dick. Now he's aching to cum as I gently stroke his cock while Mistress Anna sits and watches. Wearing my latex gloves, I lube up his dick and stroke him with my skilled hands until he's begging to blow his big load. I tease him by getting him close to orgasm only to stop and laugh at his misery. I repeatedly take him to the edge, driving him wild as Mistress Anna casually sips her tea and watches me torment the loser. I continue to tease and deny him, dropping to my knees to jack his dick while he pleads with me to let him cum. Only I decide when he gets to orgasm, and when I finally decide to let him the loser can't even do it! Disgusted by his failure, we leave him tied up naked and alone for another day.

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Handjobs , Humiliation , Tease & Denial

Added: 06-10-2016 Length:10 min:43 sec
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Using My Strap-On to Make Slave Do Ass to Mouth! - In my back yard I bend this fat, disgusting slave over and shove my big, strap-on cock up his flabby ass. He's such a gross piggy, and I'm wildly entertained as I pound this loser from the back. I'm all smiles as I thrust my dick in and out of him while he groans in humiliation and discomfort. "I'm begging for mercy, I can't handle it!" he cries as I ram his bottom, but the word "mercy" isn't in my vocabulary. His desperate pleas only result in me making him suck the same dirty cock that was just buried deep in his asshole! It's ass to mouth time for this pathetic fatbody, and I laugh as I watch him gag on my filthy dick. Maybe next time he'll learn to keep his fat mouth shut when taking my big strap-on!

TAGS: ass to mouth , male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 04-10-2016 Length:4 min:33 sec
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Toilet Slave Cleans My Asshole with His Tongue! - "You know, slave, I don't like toilet paper," I say as I sit on my porcelin throne. Toilet paper leaves clumps, I explain, which is why I prefer using a slave's mouth instead. After emptying my bowels, I make this slave kneel beneath me and have him clean my asshole with his tongue. He eagerly laps away at my dirty hole, working as hard as he can to please his sexy goddess. "Lick it!" I yell as he hungrily mouths my ass. "My asshole needs to be shiny and clean!" I exclaim as he continues cleaning me with his tongue. He's my obedient little toilet slave, and I have him trained well! I have no use for toilet paper when I have losers like him around.

TAGS: ass licking

Categories: Female Domination , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 02-10-2016 Length:6 min:11 sec
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Lick Another Man's Cum from My Asshole! - I just got done having the best sex of my life, and the hot stud finished by filling my asshole up with his warm cum. I make my slave prove his devotion to me by summoning him to my room and having him lick the spent load out of my ass! He hungrily laps away at my bottom as the sticky jizz oozes out of my tight hole. As I kneel on my bed, this loser licks another man's cum from my ass and doesn't complain once. He knows better than that, and obediantly cleans me with his mouth. There's still more cum inside of me, but I push this slave aside so I can make room for you. That's right, it's your turn to lick the cum from my asshole, so get to work!

TAGS: ass licking

Categories: Ass Fetish , Cuckolding , Female Domination

Added: 30-09-2016 Length:6 min:29 sec
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Rewarding My Slave with an Amazing Handjob! - After all the suffering this slave's endured today, I've decided I'm finally going to let him cum. As he stands naked before me, I begin to gently stroke his cock with my gloved hand. I look so beautiful with my big tits exposed that he's rock hard within seconds. My body looks fantastic in this skimpy latex outfit, and this slave's balls are aching to explode as I jerk him off. Dropping to my knees, I stroke him harder and faster until he shoots a giant load all over the floor! He's so turned on by his sexy goddess that he cums an unbelievable amount. Good, slave!

Categories: Female Domination , Gloves , Handjobs , Latex

Added: 28-09-2016 Length:5 min:26 sec
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Can This Slave's Virgin Asshole Handle My Big Strap-On? - With my perfect tits out, I stand wearing a big strap-on and tell you all about the slave I'm about to fuck. He's never taken anything in his ass before, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he handles my huge cock. That's right, I'm going to take his anal virginity, but first I'm going to make him suck this big dick. He takes it deep in his throat like a good boy, but can his asshole handle this strap-on as well as his mouth can? I find out by turning him around and cramming this gigantic cock inside of him while he cries out in pain. "I can't take it anymore!" he yells in agony as I tear his asshole wide open with my strap-on. Since this loser can't handle my big dick, I have no choice but to fire him as my slave!

TAGS: male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 26-09-2016 Length:6 min:37 sec
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Ball-Busting Game and ruing his balls - "Today I have a fun game for you," I tell my slave as he stands naked before me with his hands behind his back. I inform him that I'm going to kick him in the balls ten times, and if drops to the floor he's going to owe me $100.00. If he manages to handle the pain and stay standing, however, I'm going to reward him by showing him my perfect tits. With the rules laid out, I start the game and deliver two painful blows to his nuts. He almost falls, but manages to rise to his feet once again. I continue kicking him directly in his swollen balls with my high-heels as he cries out in agony. Will he manage to keep on his feet or will he be owing me money? Watch and find out!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 24-09-2016 Length:7 min:18 sec
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Punishing Fat Slave for Sitting Naked in My Chair! - "Hey, what the fuck?!" I snap when I catch this fat slave lounging around naked in my lawn chair. I scold him for his laziness and mock his obese body and tiny cock. What audacity this pig has to relax nude in my back yard without my permission! His apologies fall on deaf ears, and I punish him my spitting down his throat in between slapping him across his stupid face. I make this lumpy idiot stand before me and proceed to punch him in his fat, disgusting gut. "Look at your belly," I say in revulsion as hit him. After having him get on his knees, I fill his mouth up with my spit but don't allow him to swallow it until I finally give him permission. I can't believe his gross, naked ass was sitting in my chair! Now I'll have to throw the entire thing out. I'm furious and keep punishing the imbecile!

TAGS: belly punching

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Shoe & Boot Worship , Spitting

Added: 22-09-2016 Length:9 min:08 sec
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World's Biggest Strap-On in Poor Slave's Ass! - When I'm in a good mood I'll fuck my slave with an average size strap-on, and when I'm in a bad mood I'll fuck him with a large one. As you can tell by the gigantic strap-on I'm wearing, I'm in an especially foul mood today! It's the biggest strap-on I own, and you won't believe the sheer size of it. It looks like King Kong's cock, and I'm going to cram as much of it as I can into this slave's poor asshole! As he kneels bent over on my sofa, I approach him from behind and work the tip of this gargantuan cock inside of him while he grunts and groans in agony. "I think we're going to need some more lubricant," I joke as I continue forcing this enormous strap-on into his ass. How much of this monster cock will he be able to take? Find out!

TAGS: male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 20-09-2016 Length:7 min:17 sec
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Bringing Him to the Edge, Ruining His Orgasm, and Milking Him! - As this loser stands naked before me, I inform him that I'm going to be teasing him with my perfect body and waste no time making good on my word. I pull my top down, exposing my bare breasts, and his cock begins to get hard at the sight of them. I take his big dick in my hand, stroking him gently at first but picking up the pace until he's dying to cum. I take him to the edge but refuse to let him orgasm and drive him crazy in the process. His full balls are aching to explode, but I repeatedly deny them the opportunity while smiling in cruel pleasure. I hold my mouth so close to his dick that he can feel my warm breath on his tip and tease him by licking my lips. He's so horny he just wants to shoot a giant load but I won't let him just yet. I bring him to the edge of orgasm over and over again, and when I finally do allow him to cum I ruin it for him by taking my hand off his cock and refusing to touch him as he shoots his seed all over the floor. He's barely finished cumming when I grab hold of his dick again and begin stroking furiously until he cums one more time. His cock and balls scream in pain as I milk him, tugging his dick as hard and fast as I can until his balls are so drained he can barely stand. The floor is drenched in his cum and I laugh at the agony he's in!

TAGS: edging games , post cum torture , cum shoots

Categories: Female Domination , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 18-09-2016 Length:10 min:51 sec
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Working Out by Punching My Slave's Naked Belly! - I've got a fierce jab, and I prove it in this clip as I pummel the naked belly of this stubby-dicked slave. With my MMA gloves on, I get my workout in by punching his flabby gut over and over again as he grunts in pain. I may not look that big, but don't let looks deceive you! As the old expression goes, "dynamite comes in small packages," and I'm certainly no exception! There's a lot of power packed into this little body of mine, and this slave's learning that the hard way! I continue practicing my jabs on his gross tummy until he finally drops to his knees and surrenders. Since he's down there, I make the loser kiss my shoes and raise my arms in victory before sending him crawling on his way. His belly's going to be sore for a week!

TAGS: belly punching , kicking , mixed fighting

Categories: Female Domination , Wrestling

Added: 16-09-2016 Length:4 min:55 sec
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Worship My Feet with Your Mouth and Cum Countdown! - It's a beautiful day and the chirping birds seem to be enjoying the warm sun just as much as I am! Sitting in my back yard, I tease you with my pink high-heels by dangling them in your face. I rest them on the tips of my toes, balancing them for you until finally dropping them to reveal my perfect bare feet. Your dreams come true as I let you sniff and lick my gorgeous feet, allowing you to suck each toe as you jerk your hard cock. You can't cum unless I give you permission, so keep stroking your dick as you run your tongue all over my pedicured feet. I'm going to slowly count down from ten, and then I want you to shoot your warm load all over them! Don't you dare cum before the countdown is complete or I'll be forced to punish you. Ready? Ten... nine... eight...

TAGS: feet joi , soles

Categories: Barefoot , Dangling , Female Domination , Foot Fetish

Added: 14-09-2016 Length:6 min:47 sec
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Squirting Everywhere While You Stroke Your Cock! - I'm going to piss directly in your mouth, and you're going to jerk-off while I do it, understand? Get down on your knees, take that cock out, and open your mouth wide for me, slave! Kneeling on my glass patio table in my back yard, I give you an incredible view of my gorgeous pussy as I squirt my warm urine everywhere. Watch as I make quite a mess, and imagine this piss raining down all over you while you continue stroking your dick for me. Don't you dare cum yet, because you're not allowed to blow that load until I've finished drenching you with my juices. You're going to lick my wet pussy clean, toilet slave, and only then will you have permission to cum. Sit back and watch the unbelievable show I put on for you as I keep squirting with seemingly no end in sight! Swallow every drop as I drown you with my golden urine.

Categories: Female Domination , Masturbation Instruction , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 12-09-2016 Length:7 min:09 sec
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